Kingdomcity Kids "Encounter You" EP

Kingdomcity Kids "Encounter You" EP

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Our brand new Kids single "Encounter You" complete with MP3 and A Lyric Video! PLUS 4 other original songs and Lyric videos!

1. Encounter You - (A high energy song created to stir a Hunger for God.)

2. Matt 5:13 Scripture Beat - (A musical way to memorize the theme verse for conference.)

3.Under my feet - (Teaching Children their power over the enemy.)

4.WOW - (A happy tune that teaches kids who they are in Gods Eyes.)

5.1 Cor 13 Scripture Beat - (A musical Memory Verse teaching Kids our Theme of love for the Year.)

WARNING: This Download File is large - 1.8 GB. So make sure you are on a desktop computer or Laptop before downloading and ensure you have WIFI enabled. Once downloaded, it is easy to transfer to mobile phones and tablet devices via iTunes or USB. We hope you love it!